AMC: Non-Fiction Tender 2018

11. 10. 2018

Autor: AMC Networks

Televize AMC hledá informativní a zábavné faktuální TV série založené na konceptech a nápadech s regionální a/nebo mezinárodní relevancí. Uzávěrka je 15. listopadu 2018.

AMC Networks Central Europe Kft. (1139 Budapest, Lomb u. 23-27.), one of Central Europe’s leading company groups providing thematic television channels in the region, one of them being Spektrum TV, (hereinafter: ”AMC”) announces a two-round Call for Tenders.

The Call for Tenders contains the main information and requirements necessary for submission.

Subject of the Tender
AMC is interested in receiving projects for informative and entertaining factual TV series based on concepts and ideas with regional or/and international relevance. Applicants are asked to submit a detailed concept and production plan.

Regarding content and format, submissions shall meet the following requirements:
- a factual TV series, created in a documentary style
- covers interesting and relevant topics with a fresh visual approach
- topics: science, technology, history, society, environment/living space, adventure
- standard commercial format (primarily 48 minutes, optionally 24 minutes)
- a minimum of 5 episodes
- follows international standards in its visual execution
- minimum HD resolution

Other tender elements:
- a realistic, objective budget
- creative crew and production capacity
- please specify the length of the production process and any potential special requirements

Language requirement:
- all materials of the application shall be submitted in English

Optional materials for submission:
- sponsorship and/or any potential co-funding option

Deadline for submission: 15 November 2018

The submission materials shall also contain the following documents:
- the name, registered office and contact details of the Tenderer
- a synopsis of the series together with the topic of each episode and the basic details specified in the requirements regarding content)
- the budget
- production plan (description of production background, production period)
- references

Tenders which are incomplete will not be evaluated.  

Tenders shall be submitted electronically to:

All qualifying Submissions will be evaluated by 24 January 2019. Tenderers will be notified about the outcome by 31 January 2019. The Tenderers who have been selected will be informed about further requirements and deadlines for the second phase of the Tender through personal consultations.

During a period of 90 days from 15 November 2018, Tenderers are legally bound to the commitments taken in their Submissions unless they are informed that AMC does not wish to enter into a contract with the Tenderer.

1. AMC Networks Anti-Corruption Policy

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