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When the shot

When the shot

This meditative film serves as a visual means of coping with past traumas and histories of violence. Through a simple narrative, we shift from a happy childhood filled with fun and games outdoors to a paralyzing…
When the War Comes

When the War Comes

A paramilitary group 
in Slovakia is recruiting hundreds of young men, aiming to create
 a model community based on military drill, obedience and fear.
When We Were Bullies

When We Were Bullies

Distressing memories from school days are often associated with experiences of bullying. In Jay Rosenblatt’s playful, yet serious miniature presentation, the subconscious act of power becomes the object of an in-depth…
When will the winter of 2022 end?

When will the winter of 2022 end?

In the film, I reflect my feelings and life in a full-scale war.
When Will This Wind Stop

When Will This Wind Stop

One Crimean Tatar family recently divided between Ukraine and Crimea. Five personal stories, which concentrate, as through a lens, all the extensive experience of people living under occupation in Crimea.
When Yesterday Comes Again

When Yesterday Comes Again

8 teenagers in Russia dream about future and change in their lives, without any idea what lies ahead. The film's production began early in 2020 and wrapped on the brink of 2022: the year their future disappeared.
When You All Sleep, I'm Awake

When You All Sleep, I'm Awake

Portrait of the Viennese singer-songwriter Bernhard Schnur, who achieved cult status in the 1990s with his indie pop band "Snakkerdu Densk". Several years after the band's breakup and a long-term creative hiatus, Schnur…
Where Are We Headed

Where Are We Headed

A year-long study of Russia’s capital conducted in the Moscow Metro. WHERE ARE WE HEADED captures the day-to-day of ordinary city dwellers as well as momentous national occasions.
Where Are You Bucharest?

Where Are You Bucharest?

23 years after the Romanian Revolution people are back on the streets of Bucharest, reclaiming the public space. Vlad Petri is following their stories for one year, from the first days of the protests to the final days…
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