75 min

Post production

20 Days in Tibet

20 dana na Tibetu

Directing: Silvestar Kolbas


This film tells the story of a group of people from Zagreb who travel with Croatian, Nepalese and Tibetan guides on a journey from Nepal to the beautiful Tibetan highlands. The journey takes them on a meandering route from Kathmandu via Lhasa to western Tibet, to make a pilgrimage, or kora, to the sacred mountain Kailash. This itinerary allows the travellers to adapt quickly to life in the mountain ranges of Tibet, without succumbing to altitude sickness. Of the group, only the scriptwriter - Dubravka Manola - is familiar with this landscape. She took part in a similar expedition ten years earlier and has a strong spiritual connection with Tibet. The purpose of this very special film is to create an authentic record of the travellers’ preparations in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, as well as their adventures and experiences in Tibet.
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