75 min


4 Things

4 věci

Directing: Václav ŠvankmajerMarkéta VálkováMarta HrubáJan Gogola jr.


Full-length picture of four short films of four directors:

Test: Václav Švankmajer, feature film
Motocyklení: Markéta Válková, documentary
Veci: Marta Hrubá, documentary
Grandmother Nemcová's Diary: Jan Gogola ml., documentary

Four short Czech films have made their way to the screen. They share a common theme: the things that are so ordinary that affect us all. The films are presented with just the right amount of humor and poetry. What they also have in common is an ambition to inspire the audience to think, rather than just be persuaded, as is so popular nowadays. Three documentaries and one feature film were originally planned for the screen. The films convince the audience that it is still worthwhile to go to the cinema to see documentaries and short films.
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