100 min

In development

Washed Ashore

Вимиті на берег

Directing: Volodymyr Kolbasa


That was the first time I saw that much water. In the late eighties, my parents and I came to enjoy the Kremenchuk Sea as everyone called that enormous reservoir.
I remember that my father, who himself spent his early years in that area, gave me something resembling a rusty dagger, which he found in the water by the shore.
The idea of how many stories the water could hold in it struck me that day. Much later I learned that when my father was as old as I was that day, there was no sea there.
Three decades later, when I returned to those shores again, I wandered along the shore stumbling upon the remains of bricks, human and animal bones, empty bottles, and shoes carried ashore. Big water seemed to tease me through these artifacts, giving only hints of a phrase, showing only a corner of the page of the book from afar. This project is an attempt to restore the scraps of memory of the whole city and the two hundred villages that were flooded with it 60 years ago in yet another megalomaniac project of another insane regime. How come by now so few people remember about them?


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