80 min

In production

3rd Bridge / This Tree Is No Longer There

3. Köprü / O agac artik orada degil

Directing: Beyza MeseCan Aksan


The 3rd bridge witnesses the annihilation that drains the breath of the northern forest of Istanbul and searches the motivation underneath it. The film is born from the instinct to act against the demolition that Beyza Mese (co-director) has been seeing it every day. First, Beyza cannot get out of her bedroom and watches silently uprising legs of the bridge that creates the demolishment. Time passes, seasons changes, trees getting lost day by day. Beyza meets Can
Aksan (co- director) who has been working on how we can heal ourselves through healing our environment and vice versa. At this point, Beyza and Can fall into each other and the description of the bridge evolves. From that moment, the bridge is not devastating but it is a formation adapting with nature again; a third eye that can see through duality. When they start their journey to be able to seek the hidden truths, they come across people, trees, and animals. In all of them they saw light. The camera is recording. The ground vibrates. An architect skate boards in the neoliberal ghost cities. A crane comes closer to the last forest of Istanbul. Artists lay down on the ground. The mountains howls. Performers climbs to the trees and signs watching the sunrise. Villagers forced to leave their houses. Academicians talk from the black hole. We follow the white wolf. It is a descent to the underworld. We board on a ship. It is our last chance. The orange light that grows out from the frequency is now separating into millions of particles through film. It falls into the seas and mixes with rain... It flies to pieces to find other rooms.



Awards granted at id w / interactive documentary workshop
2. 5. 2017

Awards granted at id w / interactive documentary workshop

Institute of Documentary Film selected first interactive project for the East Doc Platform 2018 at id w / interactive documentary workshop in Nyon last week.
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