60 min


Saint Mary's Black Sheep

Crna ovca bistricka

Directing: Visnja SkorinKristina Baticeli


Even though Croatia is a secular country, school textbooks teach children that atheists are fools, minister of education doesn’t believe in evolution, and children instead of getting stuffed teddy bears - get stuffed St Mary’s.
Kristina, who grew up in the biggest Croatian sanctuary of St Mary, is sick of the hypocrisy and decides to come out as an atheist.
But as life writes its own story, Kristina falls in love in a believer. Her parents, still recovering from a recent discovery that their daughter is an atheist, now have to survive another one: Kristina doesn’t want to get married, especially not in church. Love comes to the test. Everyone believes this is just a transient phase and that the lost sheep will eventually find her way back to the flock.


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