75 min

In production

One Day I Wish To See You Happy

Одного дня я хочу побачити тебе щасливим

Directing: Maryna Nikolcheva


12 years ago film director Max made a successful debut film about his father, a famous conductor. After that, he never returned to filmmaking and got stuck working as an editor for commercials. Inventing excuses not to make art, once upon a time he commences the project of repairing his ancient car by himself.
His wife Maryna, herself a filmmaker, observes this process behind the camera. Maryna’s presence is silent and invisible. But, this is her patient loving gaze telling a story of a man and an artist dealing with a personal breakdown.
Max rents a garage and vanishes there for more than a year. At the end of 2021, Max succeeds: the car starts, and right at this moment his father calls him, witnessing one of the great achievements in his son's life.
When Russia invades Ukraine, Max drives Maryna to the border and returns to Kyiv to volunteer as a driver. Now Zoom is the only way for them to connect, as men are not allowed to leave Ukraine.
After several months Maryna comes back. The war is still raging, peaceful cities are bombed every couple of weeks, killing people in their apartments and shopping malls.
Against the backdrop of these daily horrors, it becomes obvious that life is precious but short. Max drops his hated job, even though he doesn’t have any savings or perspectives.
Almost a year after the full-scale invasion in Ukraine Max and Maryna go together to a film expedition close to the frontline. They film together, and for the first time in a long time, Max seems happy. But happiness is a tricky thing - somewhere on the roads of Eastern Ukraine Max learns about the death of his father.


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