In development

Prophet of Doom

On 31st March 1985, Vladimir Aleksandrov, a Soviet climatologist, vanished whilst on a trip to Spain. He had just come from attending an international peace mission to the Vatican. He had been imploring the world not to use their nuclear weapons, as a limited exchange could cause, what he and his fellow climatologists called a Nuclear Winter. This would spell total extinction. But Vladimir's open, honest and exuberant nature led him towards great danger.

Olga Alexandrova was 14 when her father vanished. We will observe her as she retraces his footsteps, to try to piece together a motive for his murder.

With incredible access to some of the top climate scientists, spies and politicians, we will observe Olga as she digs up the past, while also allowing ourselves to observe/overhear the subjects independently discuss alternative versions that they might not tell her.
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