Post production

Shamanic Lessons for Beginners

Курс молодого шамана

It’s a documentary that takes place in Tuva and Mongolia, where shamanism is native religion that is being actively revived. We have two main characters - Alex Razumov, psychologist from Portland, USA, who studies shamanic rituals, and Victor Mongush, ex-official at Tuvin Ministry of Religions who became shaman himself in search of better income. People in Tuva believe that every human has inner eye that sleeps for the time being, but if it awakes in a random person, the bearer becomes clairvoyant.
Until meeting Alex, Chochagar made money on tourists – he “treated” infertility, “restored” potency and “purified” from evil spirits. Alex was a member of one of touristic groups that came to Chochagar. Alex was impressed with Chochagar skills and asked him to become his teacher.
Chochagar at the beginning considered wealthy Alex as a source of extra money, but soon felt attached to him. Alex, in his turn, pretty soon realized that Chochagar was not a real shaman. In order not to lose Alex, who has become his only friend, Chochagar suggested to his new friend a trip to visit real shamans of Tuva and Mongolia. We will follow our characters in this journey and observe their relations – as well as authentic rituals, nomads and yurts, and beautiful landscapes. Let’s hit the road!
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