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A Classroom Story

Edna uchilishtna istoriya

In a small 18th century Balkan town of beautiful palazzos, the birthplace of fairy-tale rich tradesmen and brave revolutionaries, there are two young women looking for a 21st century fortune – bright young minds. But first they need to confront the real monster – institutionalized education. This is the story of Iva and Maria.
Successful and idealistic, they volunteer for a 2-year full-time program at a school in the small Bulgarian town, joining the less than 5% of European teachers under the age of 30. Despite some adverse personal situations their students’ positive response inspires them. The harsh reality of the damage caused by years of neglect and disdain for the needs of young people will test their resourcefulness and emotions to the fullest. As the depressed small town abounds with examples of economic, academic and personal failure, the kids have been infected with apathy and sense of defeat that seem to doom any ambition. Unprepared for what they find, Iva and Maria decide to show the kids what it means to dream big. But first they‘ll have to show them how to fail big.
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