70 min


Flowers of Ukraine

Квіти України

Directing: Adelina Borets


Set in the middle of the cement jungle of Kyiv - usually referred to as "sleeping quarters" - we dive into an unexpected oasis of flowers and nature. That is where we find the main character of our film, the 67-year-old Natalia, who is the rebel of the neighborhood, the last one refusing to sell her land. She is full of life and infectious energy, always armed with sense of humour - her strongest shield. When the worst day in Ukrainian history begins, on February 24th 2022, Natalia's fight for her tiny plot of land only gains momentum and quickly expands way beyond its borders. Everyone is changing as a result of the war. Natalia is no different. Yet, she prepares for her own death, dancing in her funeral dress in the garden among flowers. She will die here and no one can take it away.


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