97 min


Once Upon a Time in Poland

Jak Bůh hledal Karla

Directing: Filip RemundaVít Klusák


Director Karel Žalud, with directors Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda, visited Poland over the course of several years to better understand Poles and their relationship with God. In the film, Žalud turns to casual passers-by, nuns celebrating the anniversary of the baptism of Poland, a representative of the anti-Semitic Radio Maryja, and a priest accused of sexual harassment. While they are all clear on matters of faith, the filmmaker, who himself seeks spiritual support, is increasingly skeptical. Christianity in today’s Poland seems to offer answers, but only to questions agreed upon by the church and the conservative government.  “It’s like a road movie through the medieval Catholic landscape. In short, it is a documentary football match, with one team being the most atheistic nation in Europe, which we are, versus the Poles, who are the most Catholic.” V. Klusák


True Story, episode 14: Once Upon a Time in Poland
3. 9. 2021

True Story, episode 14: Once Upon a Time in Poland

Nicole J. Adelman talks to Filip Remunda about his and Vít Klusák's film Once Upon a Time in Poland. An epic journey and discovery of two nations and two worlds where religion does or does not play a part. A must-watch and listen-to!
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