30 min


What Happened on Pam Island

Co sie wydarzylo na wyspie Pam

Directing: Eliza Kubarska


A couple of Polish alpinists, Eliza Kubarska and David Kaszlikowski, take a lonely journey to the fjords of southern Greenland to reach the world's highest cliff. The vertical wall is reachable only from a boat. Despite the fact that the team consists of mere two members, it is decided to travel on dangerous sea-kayaks. There is a storm, the water around is freezing - dips to 0° centigrade - and capsizing in this area would mean hypothermia and death within minutes. Deserted Pam Island becomes their home base… But this movie tells a different story. Trusting only in themselves, the characters open their exciting world to the viewer: the world of passion and strange, original love.

30' version also available.
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