70 min



Directing: Jan Foukal


Bára is the daughter of Czech immigrants in Canada. She has returned to the Czech Republic to get to know her parents’ country. Honza is a singer and a guitar player from Prague whose dream is to move to New York and become someone like Bob Dylan. The film follows their journey to freedom, full of daydreaming, and set against the backdrop of woods, bonfires, and open skies. One hundred years after the first camps were founded in the Bohemian woods, Bára and Honza set out to hike to the original locations of the old-time campers, staging their own escape into an imaginary America, an escape inspired by the Czechoslovak tramping subculture, an outdoors movement imitating an idealized Wild West. Bára and Honza’s journey transforms into a universal story of friendship, music, and dreams of freedom. Following the “pretend America” tradition in communist Czechoslovakia, they come to a place where one can feel free, where Native Americans still thrive and bison roam the prairie.


The 3rd  year of the “Czech Documents, Please!” takes place in Warsaw
23. 3. 2017

The 3rd year of the “Czech Documents, Please!” takes place in Warsaw

The festival has been prepared by the Czech Centre in Warsaw in collaboration with the Institute of Documentary Film, Muranów cinema and distributor, Gutek Film.
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