80 min

Post production


Directing: Wojciech Gostomczyk


A bald guy in his 60's paints his naked body in red, runs around the streets in silver high heels or walks along the beach dressed in colourful feathers, making weird loud noises. His name is Leon and he is one of the most famous and radical performative artists. He’s inspired by drag queens, cabaret, rituals and he introduces these forms of expression to everyday life. For him there are no limits between art and life. We meet Leon when his career seems to have faded away, he feels useless and lost. So he decides to create his last big show ‘Opus Magnum’ to feel appreciated again.
Being truthful to his art puts Leon in conflict with his loved ones. As a fragile, sensitive person, Leon cares deeply for his father and son, but at the same time is not able to adjust to the norms of society. The only person who seems to understand him is Manfred Thierry Mugler, famous fashion designer, and his boyfriend.
Mugler is drawn by Leon’s creativity and bravery in exceeding artistic limits. They have been in a tender relationship for the last 6 years but even they have their ups and downs due to economical inequalities. Leon is completely dependent on Manfred's money and it doesn't go well with his need for freedom. When things go wrong, Leon jumps into the dark hole of alcohol and numbness. And what can go more wrong than the sudden and unexpected death of his beloved Manfred.
Leon is not only an intimate portrait of a troubled artist but also a film about passion, love, facing darkness and bravery to live on your own terms. And above all, about learning to accept one's failures.
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