68 min


The Man who Changed Shanghai

Zmenil tvár Šanghaja

Directing: Ladislav Kaboš


Three siblings, Martin (87) from Monaco, Theo (85) from Canada and Alessa (82) from the USA narrate the fascinating true-life story of their father L.E. Hudec (1893-1958), a famous architect in Shanghai. For the first time Alessa visits Slovakia the birthplace of her father. Together with her brother Theo, they decide to visit China after 63 years - the country of their childhood and youth. This inspiring documentary not only explores the many exciting details of the life of L.E. Hudec, father of Asian high-rises, but also serves as an authentic testimony of life of Europeans in Colonial Shanghai before The People’s Republic of China was formed. It presents the never-before-seen 16mm home-movies that were shot between 1927-1938 by Ladislav Hudec himself.
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