81 min


6 Degrees

6 kroków

Directing: Bartosz Dombrowski


The film is inspired by Milgram's "Six degrees of separation" theory with its assumption that every person in the world can be reached through 6 personal connections. The crew tries to explore the chain of connections between two randomly drawn protagonists: Martyna - a young punk-rock musician from Warsaw, Poland and Marco Antonio - a farmer from little village in Mexico. A road movie through different places, lifestyles and characters. We follow the everyday life of all our protagonists and try to discover what’s hidden beneath their everyday masks. Doesn’t the longing for love, acceptance, career, friendship and a decent life reminds us about ourselves?


You Are Just Six Degrees Apart From Obama or a Mexican Farmer
8. 8. 2016

You Are Just Six Degrees Apart From Obama or a Mexican Farmer

Do you know that there is a theory that you are connected to any other individual on this planet via a chain of six contacts only? And that since the expansion of Facebook you might even be just five people apart from Barack Obama or a South American ...
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