17 min

Post production

WEYOUTHEY - Part 1 - Zuzana on Panic Disorder

MYVYONI - 1. díl - Zuzana o panické poruše

Directing: Zdena Čermáková


Harmony on the surface, hell inside. Medical examinations with no results. Zuzana has a panic disorder. How to get out of it? She chose her own way; to study at the university. She has started at the age of 50.
During the hardest times, she found relief in her daily visits to the Horni Palata institution in Prague. It would have been really difficult to manage without the help of her devoted and supportive family.
After graduation, Zuzana wants to treat similarly handicapped people and help diagnose this particular disorder as it is one of the most difficult to recognize; especially in case of children. Their parents often disbelieve them; which must make them feel really desperate.
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