52 min

In production

Film for My Mum

Film dla mojej mamy

Directing: Jakub Piątek


In 2010 I took my camera home for Christmas in order to survive the first holidays with my sister away. My mother then told me she appreciates my films, but she does not understand why they have to be so serious and depressive. Then this idea came to my mind. What if I made a film for her, with her, and – most importantly – one made by her? What if we made it together?
We started the script writing process. Her task was to create scenes for her perfect film. My mother is a huge fan of tear-jerking romance. Especially when they are set in the 19th century. So I expected nothing more than clichés, banalities and some serious amount of long beautiful dresses. I was mistaken. My mother’s ideas reflect her dreams, hopes, disappointments and memories. In an unusual way. The princess is having her first kiss with the palace gardener. But at the same time she lays immobilised in a plaster cast, head to toe. A Soviet cosmonaut flirts with a cosmodrome radio officer who in the end turns out to be fat and ugly.
I began to see my mother in a new light. I watch her as she rediscovers herself. Not as a mother looking after her children and grandchildren, and taking care of my father who suffers from a mental condition, but as an individual with her own wishes and fears.
I turned thirty. Last year I got married. I don’t rebel against my parents anymore. Worse, I keep discovering similarities to them. I have been recording my family life for 5 years and several questions keep coming back. How to live a happy life? How not to make the mistakes our parents made?
Film for My Mum shows there is no such thing as an ordinary family. It is a tribute to the everyday heroes of our lives, their great dreams and hidden desires. Partly set in a 19th century castle.
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