Mom from Jail

Máma z basy

Andy, Petra, and Bára. Three lives that come together in the penitentiary in Světlá nad Sázavou, which has a block for mothers who can have their children with them as they serve out their sentences. The bond of motherhood can, after all, be the most powerful motivation for leading a better and more responsible life.
Between pondering their offences and caring for their children, they all have the same, one thing running through their minds – gaining their yearned-for freedom as soon as possible. The turning point comes when freedom is within the women’s grasp. While they each different terms of release, and each have a different home life, they are nonetheless all connected by maternal love. But will that be enough to keep them out of jail?

The realities of everyday life take the place of the routines of daily life in the prison. The certainties of life behind bars are replaced by a lack of work, concerns about the children, and the struggle to fit in in society. All three of the women yearned for freedom, but will they learn to live with it?
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