80 min,

52 min

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Abortion Dream Team

5 Tabletek Stąd

Directing: Karolina Domagalska


In October 2020, the Polish government introduces an almost total abortion ban. From now on, abortion is impossible even if the fetus is malfunctioned. It causes huge response of Polish women – they walk out on the streets in what is known as the biggest rebellion seen in democratic Poland. All of a sudden, many women are left alone and they have nobody to turn to. Luckily, there’s an abortion hotline +48 222 922 597 run by Abortion Dream Team. The number appears on banners, walls, even churches. Natalia, Karolina, Justyna and Kinga help other women to perform self‑managed abortions at home or direct them to the clinics abroad. Natalia is an academic and activism gives her purpose to get up every day. Karolina tries to set boundaries between work and her personal life. Justyna, 10 years their senior, lives in a provincial town, where she’s answering the abortion hotline from her apartment while taking care of three kids. Kinga lives in Amsterdam and runs a foundation that is providing women from around the world with abortion pills. Unexpectedly, they all find themselves in the middle of the women’s rights revolution. For them abortion is a part of life, not a political debate. But before they even realize they become the enemies of the state and their lives and safety is being put at risk. What was once a silent help work becomes a dangerous fight against the system which doesn’t play fair with its opponents. Will they live up to that huge challenge and survive as a team? Will they go through the fight without being hurt? Or will they step back seeing that the risk is too high?
5 Pills Away is a human story about a team of women who have their own and different reasons to fight for the right of abortion. Each of them is confronted with different dilemmas, challenges or doubts. We will follow them on their path of the fight for human rights, but also of self‑development and growing from being furious to being effective.


True Story, episode 41: 5 Pills Away
26. 6. 2022

True Story, episode 41: 5 Pills Away

With director Karolina Domagalska and producer Anna Stylinska about their documentary 5 Pills Away following four women friends from Abortion Dream Team who step in and lead a revolution when Polish government introduces a near-total abortion ban.
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East Doc Platform 2022 Winners Announced
31. 3. 2022

East Doc Platform 2022 Winners Announced

The East Doc Platform Award went to the Polish project The World is not (a) Mine by Natalia Koniarz, while the Ukrainian project Up in the Air by Oksana Syhareva has two awards including HBO Max Award. See the awarded projects and juries statements.
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