In development

The Great Accelerator

Великий прискорювач

Severodonetsk, Eastern Ukraine, present day. After a brief separatist takeover in 2014, the city is trying to reclaim its status as a legendary centre for computer science. This is a birthplace of a forgotten project of a cybernetic network that was created in the 1980ies to manage the economy of Donbas region. The man behind this project was visionary computer scientist Viktor Glushkov who saw the Donbas cybernetic system as a pilot project of an all-encompassing informational and economical network that would turn the USSR into cyber-communist paradise. Due to ideological struggles during the Brezhnev era, his project was never realized. Instead, he used his cybernetic skills to tackle other projects – creating, for instance, the now-famous Druzhba pipeline that brings Russian oil from Syberia to Europe. Even though Glushkov’s idea of ‘the Soviet internet’ failed, his legacy continues to affect current social developments: from the global rise of e-governance to Russia’s ongoing attempts to control the internet and utilise information technologies in its favour. The film uses unique archive footage, interviews with Glushkov’s close collaborators, family, and followers, as well as with top Western cybernetic experts, to answer the question: what has gone wrong in the global information society since the collapse of the USSR?
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