30 min


13 Years After, Where Are We Today

13 godina posle, gde smo danas

Directing: Gradimir Nikolic


Film about the consequences of cluster bombing of Nis and the refusal of Serbia to sign the Convention on the prohibition of cluster bombs. Serbia was the target of cluster bombs during the conflict with NATO in 1999. At that time, Nis was bombed with cluster bombs twice. 15 people were killed on the 7th of May in 1999. After the NATO bombing, the cluster bombs scattered across Serbia killed six people and wounded another 12. Serbian government has not signed the Convention on the prohibition of cluster bombs yet. As a victim state and former leader of the movement to ban cluster munitions, Serbia still keeps silent about the convention and does not express any opinion on this issue. In the movie the victims of cluster bombs in Nis tell the touching story of those days, the story of life after wounding and suffering.
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