40 min

Post production

Welcome to Misery

Vítejte v Pakárně

Directing: Matěj Štýs


A film about compulsory public military service in 80's Czechoslovakia shows the journey of two men to places, where they used to live for two years during their military service. Petr Štýs served after high school as young soldier for two years and Miloslav Lubas, graduate of Charles University, was a crew leader for one year. They remember the unpleasant part of their life, which has affected their whole beings. Colonel Navrátil, a professional soldier, shows the differences between the former army and today’s professional army. The last strange figure is a young man, who wants to go to public service, if the Czech government will resume it. I made the film through the eyes of generation, which didn't live in communism, had never been in public service and knows it only from their fathers’ stories. I want to show the young generation how hard and dangerous it all was and help those who went through bully to come to terms with it.
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