90 min

Post production

Hotel Metalurg

Directing: Jeanne NouchiGeorge Varsimashvili


In 1993, while Georgia lost its province Abkhazia, thousands of displaced people found shelter in abandoned hotels, including Metalurg. 30 years later, the hotel is still inhabited. Five families, all composed of single women and their children share the household. All these years, these ladies lived in their dreams and hope to return home. Instead, they were rejected and marginalized by the society.
Now that an investor bought the place, Georgian government gave each inhabitant of the hotel an apartment. It may seem that finally these people will move to decent conditions, but in reality, they find it psychologically difficult to again change the home. Khatuna, Tamar, Dali and Lika struggle with nostalgia and the difficulty to get integrated in the modern society.
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