120 min

Post production

Year without Magor - Genius Cannot Be Faked

Rok bez Magora - génius se nedá padělat

Directing: Oliver Malina Morgenstern


The film portraits the eventful life of Ivan Martin Jirous, called Magor, a Czech poet, journalist and art critic. Magor was known for working with the indie rock band Plastic People of the Universe. During normalization he was imprisoned five times for his political views. The documentary will include excerpts from Magor's poetry and views, featuring many of Jirous's family, friends and acquaintances - among others, Dáša Vokatá, Juliána Jirousová, Marta Veselá, Čuňas, Dana Němcová, Petruška Šustrová, Karel Schwarzenberg, Jiřina Šiklová, Eugen Brikcius, Ladislav Drápal Lábus, Jan Schneider, Vratislav Brabenec, Petr Placák, Andrej Krob, members of the Plastic People of the Universe - who supply facts and context to viewers of all generations. Ivan Martin Jirous, a genius living in difficult times, brings inspiration for everyday life even a year after his untimely death.

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