26 min


3 Weddings: Elena & Leo

3 esküvő: Elena és Leo

Directing: Klára Trencsényi


In 1956, Elena was only four when her parents left Hungary to build a new life in Argentina. She became an immigrant for the second time when she returned to Hungary in 1975. She was scrutinized by the communist authorities as a potential spy and had to fight prejudice to be accepted and feel like a Hungarian again. In 2008 she fell in love with Leo, a 35-year-old guy from Cuba. They got married in Budapest, but bureaucracy and prejudice threaten their relationship and may turn them both into migrants … again. Through the love story of Elena and Leo we learn more about migrant illusions, nostalgia and homesickness.This short documentary is part of the "3 Weddings" series (3 esküvő, 3 x 26 min).
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