The Queen of Silence

Królowa ciszy

Directing: Agnieszka Zwiefka


The film tells the story of a 10 years old deaf gypsy girl, living at an illegal settlement in Poland. As the whole community faces the threat of eviction, brutal attacks from the neighbours and extreme poverty – Denisa tries to find her own way to deal with the hardships of everydaylife.One day, going through the local dumspters in search of clothes and wood, Denisa fidns a box of Bollywood films. Ever since fascinated by the glamour world she sees on a small TV (whenever her parents can afford fuel as there is no electricity at the settling) Denisa is making her own Bollywood clothes and rehearsing dance choreographies untill she reaches perfection. Day by day she brings other kids from the settling into her magic world. Our film has two layers -strictly observational documentary and musical shot in Bollywood style. The musical sequences are the opposite of what we see in the real world (however they have their beginnings in the documentary ones). In the musical Denisa can become anyone she wants – even a Queen that has power over people that treat the gypsy children really badly. After finding an old plastic crown Denisa moves into the magic world of dance and imagination.



When shooting documentaries, you have to be like a jazz musician, says Aleksander Duraj
14. 6. 2017

When shooting documentaries, you have to be like a jazz musician, says Aleksander Duraj

KINEDOK Interview
The project KineDok is not only an alternative distribution platform but also a connection between the film fans and makers of creative documentary. This time, we asked for an interview the director of photography Aleksander Duraj.
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