The Last Relic

Viimane reliikvia

Russia is stepping into a period of turbulent political transit and Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth largest city situated in the middle of the country, has unexpectedly become the pivotal location for the power struggle between faith, commerce and politics. Widely known only as a place where in 1918 the last Russian emperor Nicholas II and his family were brutally executed, modern Yekaterinburg nevertheless has accumulated all possible list of political views and preferences of Russians.
A 21-year old Yekaterinburg University student Igor Frolov is a typical representative of the so called Generation Z. Although he was already elected as an official Coordinator of Yekaterinburg’s Left Block, he is still searching for like-minded people amongst numerous political activists and opposition groups, starting from old-fashioned communists, who desire to call back Stalin’s repressions, to the Orthodox Church followers, who are testing the ideas of a resurgence of monarchy.
During Igor’s personal quest we will meet groups of people at different demonstrations, rallies and pickets; exclusively visit the courts and get acquainted with the modern Russian judicial system in action; pour into the column of religious procession and take part at congregations and church services spiced up by the preparations for the 100-year anniversary of the murder of Russia's last Tsar; witness a new YouTube vlog launch by a former priest, ex-communicated because of his anti-Putin views; reflect upon the intimate gatherings of oppositionists at private flats and public places under close FSB supervision; see the opposition resist the suppression of uprisings. Yekaterinburg is restless.
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