52 min


Ulrich Seidl - A Director at Work

Ulrich Seidl und die bösen Buben

Directing: Constantin Wulff


The film portrait Ulrich Seidl – A Director at Work depicts the controversial Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl at work for the first time, painting a vivid picture of the much-debated “Seidl method”: The camera patiently looks over Seidl’s shoulder during the shooting of In the Basement and accompanies him during rehearsals for his latest highly provocative stage production Böse Buben/Fiese Männer. In a suggestive montage, combining extensive interviews and clips from his earlier movies, this film gives a glimpse into the world of a fascinating and exceptional artist: It reveals just how much Seidl’s oeuvre is in itself a quest, on which he lets himself be guided both by “reality” and his own visions and demons.
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