In development

A Man Sings After War

Čovek peva posle rata

A man sings after the war is a film about tree artists from three different countries, which are fighting their memories of war through the art. Diala, Ali and Goran are from Syria, Baghdad and Belgrade. Diala lives in Saint Denis, a suburb near Paris where she found a refuge after a long journey, leaving Syria for Turkey and Lebanon. She is an illustrator for children, she draws stories that she heard in refugee camps and along her journey. In Saint Denis she starts a new life, but she can’t forget those left behind. When she goes back to Lebanon to work with the children from refugee camps, her work becomes a struggle to confront the traumas of the war. Ali is a choreographer in Baghdad. He is working on a new piece with his dancers, it is about a suicide attack he had witnessed. The work on the piece with his theater group confronts them with painful memories and brings them relief.
Goran is preparing a theater piece with his brother. Since the bombing 1999 he is drawing all the time. With theater piece he goes to Kosovo. The stage is set in the old abandoned house near his hometown he was forced to leave after the war. A few remaining inhabitants are the only audience.
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