A Catapult of Fate

Rock života

A creative documentary film portrait of Olda Říha, frontman of a famous Czech rock band Katapult celebrating 35 years of its existence. The first day of shooting captures the funeral of bass guitar player and Říha's lifelong friend Jiří "Old Man" Šindelář in January 2009 and the last day of shooting records an opening concert of the new album tour "Joys of Life", which took place in the largest church in Eastern Bohemia. Almost a thousand people attended the concert. The film follows the music, but particularly the life path of Říha and his band Katapult from the "church of death" to the "church of rebirth." It is a path full of doubt, fault, conflict and happiness, but above all it is a journey with no end. Against the backdrop of the death and rebirth of the band, open and often conflicting situations take place between director Jan Gogola and Olda Říha, making it possible to find out whether Říha really sings what he lives and lives what he sings.
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