Post production

The Bay


The bay depicts an unusual coexistence between industry, tourism and local people within the area which consists of the touristic city centre of Split – the second largest city in Croatia, and its surrounding industrial zone. Many industrial facilities can be found here that have ruined natural beauties and devastated the entire area, at the same time creating a kind of artificiality.
Structured following the order of seasons: summer-autumn-winter-summer, the film intertwines the lives of protagonists (whohave been fightingagainst dangerous facilities or they live in harmony with them), art performances and voyeuristic sequences. Summer is manifested in the coexistence of tourism and industry, autumn in people's attitude toward urban locations, whereas winter reflects the quietness and makes contrast to the touristic bustle of summer; it is then that everything goes in the direction of disappearance and death, only to return back to summer when everything starts from the beginning.
In an apocalyptic surrounding of a specific enthnographic area, seemingly normal situations that happen around the factories and in the midst of a pollution intertwine with a wedding, children's games, touristic tours, shamanism, migration; at the same time depicting an invisible, yet real world that exists in the middle of a densely populated tourist destination, which opens up questions about human nature.
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