78 min


Gevar's Land

Ard Gevar

Directing: Qutaiba Barhamji


This portrait follows the daily life of Syrian Gevar, who left for France with his family and wants to apply for asylum in Reims, in the northeast of the country. Back in his homeland, Gevar’s passion was tending his garden and he is determined to pursue this hobby in a new place. He rents a small plot of land in the suburbs to spend time with his family. The film is not just about Gevar's passion for gardening, but it also shows from a completely different perspective the reality of war refugees’ lives in a new country and the hardships associated with applying for asylum, language barriers, and the difficulties with finding a job and supporting a family. "Gevar’s land explores the question: how do the land - by working it, by farming it - forge an organic tie between a man and a space ?" Q. Barhamji
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