55 min


Will There Be a Theater Up There?!

Netavi iq Teatri aris?!

Directing: Nana Janelidze


Soviet Union - a tragic destiny to the people living within the system,all reflected in the biography of the great actor Kakhi Kavsadze. The film is a chronicle of a big family: one of great folk singers and their life ordeal that reflects the lives of millions in the USSR. These people lived through the World War II; wound up in concentration camps of Nazi Germany and later in those erected by USSR... Kakhi is both a clown and a tragic actor, a singer and a dancer. The film resembles a one man show where Kakhi embodies every person his life involves: his Granny and Stalin, himself at the age of 10 and his mother. He talks about totalitarian system and recounts stories of people helping each other to survive. The documentary narrative is enriched by feature film elements. Much like drop of water reflecting the world, Kakhi Kavsadzes’ stories reflect the lives of people living in the former USSR.
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