The Good Change

Dobra zmiana

The story led by two women and their families representing the country’s deep
ideological split, we see a nation at a crossroads and an early glimpse of the populist
movement spreading throughout the Western world. Since 2015 a Poland’s new right
wing government has been implementing a political programme based on nationalist
and religious premises entitled The Good Change.
Our main characters are from both political camps; those supporting the populist
party as well as those who oppose it. The film will focus on what drives their thinking
and actions that follow.
Marta (67) is the head figure in her family. She is involved in multiple pro-government
activities, including taking part in political meetings and rallies. Marta leads a patriotic
lobby group supporting the ruling party as well as is bringing up the next generation
of right-wing paramilitary troops, which can be activated in case of civil unrest. Her
daughters and grandchildren are being trained on how two use firearms. On weekly
basis Marta attends mass given by God’s Touch religious community. Allegedly, the
prayers have already helped her overcome hernia. Currently, Marta prays for the new
authorities and their work.
Tita (44) belongs to a typical middle class family with a successful husband and a
teenaged daughter. Her daughter’s education is meant to raise her as a citizen of
Europe who can live and work anywhere in the EU. Tita does not have to work
professionally – she runs the house and volunteers for the Committee for the
Defence of Democracy (KOD). She organizes protests against the far right reforms of
the government. Tita describes them as a prelude to the creation of an authoritarian
state and the beginning of Poland´s exit from the European Union. Such
developments would end dreams about her daughter’s future.
The project is developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme -
MEDIA of the European Union.
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