98 min



Directing: Ursula Macfarlane


This social documentary imitates the process of the investigative journalists who uncovered a whole mesh of intrigue, blackmail, bribery, and cover ups of sexual violence committed by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The film goes from showing the testimonies of the individual victims of the assaults to recognizing and analysing the patterns of compulsive behaviour based on years of long-lived illusions of "untouchability." Accusing an individual in reference to the #MeToo movement becomes an unflattering result of society as a whole. Weinstein's predatory behaviour would not have been possible without looking away from impending evil, self-bought cooperation, and coercion of forced silence.“The pain experienced by Weinstein’s accusers is palpable in the film, but there’s also a sense that private anguish can be transformed into collective strength.” U. Macfarlane
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