75 min

In production

Postponed Revolution

Odgođena revolucija

Directing: Vlatka Vorkapić


“Bad news on the radio is not bad news anymore. These things are happening, here and now – to us”, says the protagonist of “Postponed Revolution”. One third of Croatian citizens are poor. Factories are closed. The number of unemployed is constantly growing and the government is selling everything it can to avoid bankruptcy. Is Croatia the new Greece or is it still possible to avoid the increasingly likely social downfall? People are lost and have no sense of control over their lives, not even the seeming one their parents had within their steady jobs, nor the idea, which their grandparents had, what a revolution might be like. Most of them stand still and quietly watch the country coming to the verge of a financial, political and social breakdown. On the other hand, some still think it is possible to change things, to stop the decay. Through the viewpoint and personal narration of his twin sister Martina, the film portrays Sale, an unemployed man in his late thirties who has not left his room for three years. The narrator Martina, trying to find the answers to the questions that concern her – what is the great change we are all hoping for and is it even possible? – turns to those who are still fighting for it: an unemployed journalist and mother of two is running for president, an activist together with unions organizes a referendum against the sale of state-owned highways, workers of a destroyed textile factory re-launch production and a sociologist is fighting for workers’ rights and free education. Through their experiences, the film tries to tell the story of a non-existent revolution and to answer the question why, despite the economic and social crisis, there are no big changes in Croatia.
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