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In one of the provincial Polish towns, there is a small, cramped kiosk. It is visited everyday by dozens of local people both from the town and nearby villages. Watching their short conversations, we have a chance to look inside the mindset of citizens of Poland "B". The kiosk owner is Ania (35) – an independent and bold go-getter. Recently, her mother-in-law Lidka (50), who tries to start anew, helps her at the kiosk. Step by step, Ania trains Lidka so that one day she can serve customers on her own. She shows her how to use the computer and make contact with people. Along with the on-the-job training, the stories of women are being revealed and we look at the bond that is growing between them. We also learn about their secret traumas. For a year now, Lidka's husband has been in prison for domestic violence. Lidka tries to take the most of this time and, under Ania's wings, starts anew. Will Lidka find in this small, cramped kiosk a place where she can make a fresh start and lead a fear-free life? Will the two women make close friendship?
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