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Women in Kiosk

Kobiety z kiosku

World in a water drop. In one of the provincial Polish towns there is a small, cramped kiosk, which - like a confessional for "ordinary" people - is a place for deepest confessions, silent emotions, hidden fears and hopes. Dozens of people from the local town and from nearby villages come here every day. Through their short conversations, we have a chance to look deeper into the consciousness and souls of Polish class “B” citizens. It is here, in the claustrophobic space of the kiosk, that we witness a family drama. The owner of the kiosk is Ania (35 years old) - independent, courageous, successful. "I have always been a mother for someone, I had to look after someone, it’s my nature," says Ania. Ania has nine younger siblings. For each of them she was a mother. After graduation, Ania left the country to work as a nanny – in France, Germany, Italy and Greece. "When I was on vacation in Poland, they called me from Greece, so that I could calm their baby down on the phone" – says Ania proudly. During her vacation in Poland, Ania met Michał, who was ten years younger than her. She fell in love and after a year she gave birth to Michał Jr. Today, her new “child” is her mother-in-law - Lidka (50 years old) who is trying to start a new life in the kiosk. Step by step, Ania is preparing Lidka for the day when she will be able to serve clients by herself: she teaches her how to work on a computer, how to communicate with other human beings. Along with the "lessons", we discover women's stories, we get to know them and their hidden traumas. Lidka's husband has been in prison for a year for tormenting his wife. Lidka tries to use her time under Ania's wings to start a new life. A small and cramped kiosk turns out to be a haven, a place where Lidka has a chance to start a new life without fear. Expressive portraits of the heroines and their families are complemented by the background, the social context of a small Polish province, through the image of kiosk customers.
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