In production

Women in Kiosk

Kobiety z kiosku

Ania (30) is running a newspaper booth in Olkusz - a provincial town in the South of Poland. Lidka (49) - her mother in law - has recently started to help Anna. Each day, step by step Ania prepares Lidka so that she can start selling good to the customers alone. Ania teaches Lidka to work on a computer, to get in touch with other people, she also convinces her that she has to be brave and sincere. During the subsequent “lessons” we learn more about the two protagonists, we observe them in their intimate dialogs. Injuries from the past, hidden traumas and anxieties start to be visible to us. Lidka’s aim is to get free from the aggressive relationship with her husband who is at the moment in jail for violence against her. Small, cramped kiosk becomes an asylum that allows her to begin a new life, a life free from fear. Each of the film protagonists is a loser who tries to find her place in life. In a provincial Polish town not everybody can hope to have a “normal” existence and a neighbour or a passer-by can instantly become a psychotherapist. Women in kiosk is a film about changes that are taking place in a human being, about discovery of secret emotions. It is a film about the necessity of giving love to those who need it although they have been denying it for a long time.
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