Another Chance

Začít znovu

The main protagonist is Mirek a marriage swindler. He is charismatic, convincing. For many years, he lived in several parallel relationships, always shapeshifting and pretending to be the right for life. Within several weeks, he would get hundreds of thousands of his victims’ savings. Gradually his actions caught up with him and the police. He was sentenced to five years in jail for scams. Monika is one of the last people to have been bamboozled by Mirek. And she with Mirek stayed. When she got pregnant, unplanned, they both decided to keep the baby. She tested positive for HIV. Mirek started taking care of her and even proposed marriage to her before going to jail. Monika started fighting for Mirek’s innocence, and going through the entire trial with him. Monika gave birth to Mirek’s baby. Today they’re back together. Monika brings Andělka for jail visits as they plan heir future.
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