70 min,

47 min


Wrestling in Dakar

Directing: Edward Porembny


“Wrestling in Dakar” is a Senegalese 'Rocky' with a soul and great aesthetics directly taken from “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott. “Wrestling in Dakar” is a story, which focuses on famous, first woman in wrestling business, promoter and politician Ndeye Ndiaye Tyson and five young Senegalese, Mbaye Mbaw, Lamine Sall, Abib Seck, Pape Ibou i Abdoulaye Thiam. Despite her illiteracy, Ndeye Ndiaye Tyson became famous in Senegal and guiding light for many countrymen. At present, divorced, she is bringing her son up alone, employing assistant and driving her big Honda with her personal driver ignite admiration, recognition and respect. Our second character, which we call “the group of five” created five years ago the wrestling school to do something with their lives. Today, despite they are friends, they compete each other, because everyone hopes, to be hunted one day by famous promoter, win the fight for a better life and become next wrestling celebrity. And because Ndeye Ndiaye Tyson will choose, at the end of the wrestling season only one of our young wrestlers and will organize him fight with one wrestling celebrity will be the plot of our story. The fight will take place on football stadium, with audience of 45 thousand people, will be broadcast by main tv stations, which will change the life of chosen boy. Mixing love and hate, and hopes, disillusions and convictions, this documentary is an invitation to a colorful, artful journey, and to a reflection on human condition in the society forced to constant fight. All in all, while Africa often evokes images of misery, this documentary project will show that there is hope for its population. The film show the alternative way to immigrating illegally and there is now a way to succeed in Senegal itself.
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