52 min

In production


Ze školy do života

Directing: Martin Ryšavý


Documentary film Lifetransit wants to raise awareness about people whose lives are complicated by several disabilities at once. For example, they have to use electric wheelchair and deal with vision or hearing impairment etc. Looking from the outside, people who don't speak and don't move are often not given a chance to develop their mental and physical capacities and to be involved in the society. There are special institutions that help these people to be involved and live the life they would like to. This film focuses on one of these institutions called Jedličkův ústav and on the people with "combined disabilities" who study at its Practical schools that prepare students to live their future everyday life. This very important topic deserves to be explored and director Martin Ryšavý tells the stories of the people he followed for two years very sensitively, but without pointless pity.
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