Didube, The Last Stop

didube, bolo gachereba

In the middle of the busiest station, there is a small, peaceful veterinarian shop, where the silence is only broken by the outside noises. The owner of the shop, NIKO is sitting behind a glass counter with his wife TSITSO. He is writing poetry about current affairs. In the early 90’s Didube was the last station of Tbilisi Metro. That was the time when Niko opened his shop. With his wife, Niko spends most of the time in Didube by sharing his dreams, music and poetry to his friends: NODAR - a local singer, the troubadour of the film and LILI - a street vendor. As time goes on, Niko’s era in Didube is coming to an end.
This is a musical fairy tale about a tiny little kingdom where time has stopped and music goes on.
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