30 min

In development


Directing: Michał Stankiewicz


What is left behind after we take the last breath? Not only our clothes, favorite armchair or unread books, but also the immaterial: such as memories, stories, gestures or smells. “In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.” We tend to forget that we remain in the world in one form or another. Can we ever know how much our existence extends beyond our body? What matters more - the flesh, our desires or self-thinking? Can our being shift into one’s memories, emotions or even muscle vibrations? The penetrating, the passing and disappearing individual existence - can we find it at all?

In Humart, the protagonist wants to leave something behind. Perhaps, the intangible parts of her can somehow be transferred to another form. This ‘other’ form is what the user’s body does, feels, or the mind can imagine. The user in Humart is a vehicle to the protagonist’s appearance in this intimate encounter. Why not ask the participants to roll their eyes? To appreciate the most delicate smile or just move their hand? Is it possible, through this newly formed mellow relationship, to appear in the rhythm of someone’s breath, to cause goosebumps, or find a place in the deepest parts of their imagination...
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