23 min


6 Found Footage Film Miniatures 2004

6 Found Footage Filmminiaturen 2004

Directing: Dietmar Brehm


Echo-Echo.Echo-Echo is a recycled film which uses scenes left over from a few films I made over the past seven years. Echo-Echo’s associative structure combines these imperfect scenes which now work.Home Fun While filming from the screen I filmed myself into this scene from Mix-2 (1997) by subliminally distorting the time structure. This gave me the idea of editing a number of lightning bolts from Blitze (2000) into the structure, which in turn led to the idea of putting a plastic rat at the beginning and a plastic gorilla at the end.Basis-pThe found footage-actress I used for Organics (1999) is shown putting on make-up in Basis-pH, at the same time with war scenes in a countershot. This silent film ends with a nice explosion.Fit
The found footage in Fit, which I originally used for Echo (1976) and Mix-2 (1997), was taken from a 1960s Russian educational film presumably about so-called electrical body forces. I rearranged this material for Fit and shot it with 16mm reversal stock in such a way that the original film was given a pretty pale reddish tint.
Peep-5 / Peep-2Peep-5 and Peep-2 are the results of a long excursion with the English porn production Peeping Tom, made in the early 70s. The directly pornographic scenes were left out and I concentrated on the aspect of the voyeur, which was established in the original in a quite odd way.
The matrix of the second version was cut metrically, while the fifth version’s different hypnotic effect was created by means of a video/film transformation.
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