70 min


Czech Beer War

Česká pivní válka

Directing: Jan Látal


National revival film about beer as doom and savior of the Czech nation and also Beer - our ally in tracking Czech identity.
Czech Republic is worldwide known for its long history, artistic and cultural life.... and its BEER. Anyway, since foreign multinational companies started to acquire the main Czech breweries, the traditional way of producing beer and the national pride that the beer represents for the Czech people are in ultimate danger. But not everybody is ready to succumb without a fight.... In a comedic tone, CZECH BEER WAR tells the story of the heroes that in a Don Quixote way stand up to battle and resist against the giants of globalization, an effect that at first glance seems unstoppable. For such a quest they posses the weapons they are sure are infallible: their believes and lots of good traditional Czech beer.


The 3rd  year of the “Czech Documents, Please!” takes place in Warsaw
23. 3. 2017

The 3rd year of the “Czech Documents, Please!” takes place in Warsaw

The festival has been prepared by the Czech Centre in Warsaw in collaboration with the Institute of Documentary Film, Muranów cinema and distributor, Gutek Film.
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