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Directing: Timo Novotny


Marc Augé calls these areas where people stay anonymous and lonely as non-places. The French anthropologist claims that these transit spaces are not significant enough in people's lives to build a social reference. But exactly these “anti-spaces” will be filled with a variety of emotions trapped in breathtaking scenery of electrifying metrocosmos.

“Everything seems so cold as we imagine the future. Almost no seats, nothing to hang. Some can see it depressing, I just love it. I really think this feels like cyberspace.”
– Frank, daily "below time": 1:55h, photographer, loves subway pictures.

Currently there are 212 different cities which are transporting their inhabitants below the surface of the earth. "Below" introduces not only mega-cities ​​like Shanghai or New York but also bizarre places like Stockholm’s underground which is designed by 150 artists. Furthermore, "Below" unveils cities such as Los Angeles, where the empty subway stations become a pure status symbol. Spectacular architecture, hypnotizing unknown tunnels and moving escalators, will be the setting for cultural diversity and social anthropology of the otherwise anonymous passengers.

"Below" will also be close to hustlers, love couples, metro system employees. We follow a variety of people from drivers to the ticket inspectors. They will share with us their stories and their relationship with the subway.

“Rather than being on the bus, being on the subway means you think differently. Going through dark tunnels is more of an experience, when you come out on the other end it´s more like a transition I suppose. It does not seem real sometimes.”
– Carol, daily "below time": 1:52 h, has two jobs to put her through medical school.

“Everyone of these people has as much going on in their lives, as I have, so it´s like an amazing volume of stories, that I am passing when walking through the subway.”
– Robert 38, daily "below time": 1.17 h, New Yorker, writer, gets inspiration for his novel in subway.


East Doc Series Presentation at IDFA 2022
8. 11. 2022

East Doc Series Presentation at IDFA 2022

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East Doc Series at Sunny Side of the Doc
13. 6. 2022

East Doc Series at Sunny Side of the Doc

Five East Doc Series projects were part of the East Doc Platform 2022. You can meet with the creators of three of them (Dakar Sistaz, Below and Finding Home) at Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle!
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