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People, Gods and other Creatures

The southernmost part of Europe - a small island in the Libyan Sea. A place out of reach: no airport, no petrol stations, no shops or banks. Meanwhile it has about 100 permanent residents. Most of them fled from the big European cities, looking for what they perceived as the only good in abundance here: freedom and peace of mind.
The Island’ s society represents all kinds of “alternative” life styles: Modern hippies who live on the beach all year round, a group of Russian former nuclear scientists conducting a lifelong experiment based on the philosophy of Pythagoras, young Greek anarchists practice the non-capitalistic way of life and lonely ascetic grow marihuana on the Island fields.
But what seems at first glance to be a peaceful idyll is in reality quite different.
A conflict shakes the Island: the mayor’s goal is to develop the Island and transform it to a tourist destination. Some islanders support her; others believe the changes will destroy their relaxed lifestyle.
During this conflict Iris (28), a young performer from Athens, who experiences a personal crisis comes to the Island in the hope to find her identity and spirituality. At first gance she is charmed by the place and its people. She wants to settle here and to organize a drama therapy center on the Island. The remote Island seems to be the perfect place. But Iris’ good intentions fail. The Island accepts everyone, but the islanders don’ t. Iris discovers that the people have bring here their habits and behavior. So where is a real alternative? Is the escape is possible? Thus the inner journey of Iris starts.

A particular microcosm on the extremities of Europe, created by the escapists, reflects the modern Western society with all its challenges and controversial problems. Together with Iris, we search for “a place” where the real alternative can be found.
‘People, Gods, and other Creatures’ is dedicated to the human quest for perfection, but also for those who chose to change themselves ins
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